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You’re not looking for more content.

You’re looking for B2B content marketing that drives bottom-line results – traffic, leads, and actual conversions from search, social media, and online communities.

Let’s help you plan, create, and promote exceptional content that consitently drives results your business needs.

And you’ll save money working with us; we run your content marketing and key aspects of SEO at a more cost-effective rate.

Our content marketing plan includes the following:

Customer + keyword research (to map out pillar and cluster topics based on the different buying stages of your prospects and what they need from your business right now).

Competitive analysis (to find what your competitors are doing to determine how to drive better traffic and conversions with content)

A results-driven content marketing strategy; the type that’s squarely focused on driving traffic and conversions from Google and social media.

Content audit: if you have poorly-formatted or thin content on your site, Google will have a hard time ranking your content in the first page of search results – which means your site will be driving little to no search traffic, much less conversions.

As we begin your content marketing project and quarterly after that, we’ll run advanced content audits on your site to fish out those pages and fix them. This way, search engines will focus on ranking relevant pages on your site and drive more traffic your way.

SEO audit: your site needs to communicate two key elements to search engines before they rank it:

  • authority
  • content quality

We’ll run SEO audits on your site (before creating any more content and quarterly after your project kicks off) to optimize your site for these two ranking factors.

ROI-Driven and SEO-optimized content:

We’ll write 4 to 8 in-depth blog post (depending on the optimal number of posts for your strategy) and focus on optimizing them for the best results. Also depending on the strategy we’re working with for your business, your content piece every month would range from blog posts to ebooks, whitepapers to infographics.

You’ll also get at least six authoritative backlinks per month, which we’ll build from relevant content on other sites. This will help you rank faster on Google.

And here’s an example of a client article we ranked; we helped Taboola rank for “brand awareness” – a competitive keyphrase – and got them a knowledge graph as well:

SEO content writing services

Writers with domain expertise. Whether you’re in B2B or SaaS we work with writers who specialize in writing content for your industry.

They’ll help create exceptional content that engages your target customers – whether they’re consumers or professionals and executives in different companies.

Original and cited images/screenshots (in blog posts and for content promotion on social).

Influencers will promote your content: we’ll cite industry influencers in your content and get them to share it to their thousands of followers once your content is live.

Community content promotion: We’ll join relevant groups that your target customers hang around, engage with their members and – in a non-spammy way – promote your content there.

Paid content promotion: we’ll run ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote your content – driving more traffic and conversions on top of the ROI you get from organic promotion.

A conversion optimization strategy to help you drive leads and/or sales from every piece of content we create for your business.

A periodic report – showing your traffic numbers and conversions (using first and last touch attribution).

So if a visitor’s first interaction with your site happens through content and then they became a customer later, then we attribute their conversion to content.

Full support (open communication lines throughout the project lifetime)

Essentially, we run your entire content marketing program and key parts of SEO.

You save $6,946 monthly, working with us

Typically, you’ll need a marketer who is both an equivalent of a senior content marketing manager and an SEO expert to perform the tasks we’ve outlined above and drive the ROI that accompanies them.

That already costs some serious thousands of dollars every month.

But we cut your costs by $6,946 per month and get you the same or even better results.

Sound like a good deal? Let’s chat.:)

(even better, there’s a 10% off quarterly prepaid deposits)

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Brands like Marketo, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel’s blog, ConversionXL and many more have published (and still do) our content on their sites; you can rest assured your content projects are in good hands when they’re with us.

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