Drive Buyers Your Way
through Advanced B2B Content Marketing + SEO

You’re not looking for more content.

You’re looking for B2B content marketing that drives bottom-line results – traffic, leads, and actual conversions from search, social media, and online communities.


Here’s how we help you:

First, You Get Buyer Attention

And then You Get a Lead Generation Machine

As a B2B or SaaS business, two things are important to you:

your potential buyer’s attention


Not all types of content helps you improve the numbers of these two.

And the worst place to be is where you keep creating content that poorly attracts buyer attention – which the first thing you need to drive any type of results (leads and revenue).

No buyer attention, no leads.

If you struggle to get your buyer’s attention, you’ll hardly ever drive leads or sign-ups. So your buyer’s attention is the first thing you need to get.

This where we come in.

First, we drive the attention your businesses need – through exceptional content, then we make the same content a lead generation machine for your business.

Essentially, we run your entire content marketing program and key parts of SEO.

"Why Should We Work with Premium Content Shop?"

Because you’re NOT looking for content.

You’re looking for results!

As in actual:

relevant traffic



Note: If you’re looking for a content marketing service that only creates content but not responsible for the results that follow, we’re not your best fit.

We’re working with B2B or SaaS marketers (or founders) who need a content marketing agency that:

Oversees their entire content marketing (from strategy to results)

Creates exceptional content (a mix of visuals and text) that gets the attention of target buyers

Uses content marketing as a tool to generate bottom line results (that is, traffic leads revenue)

How Results Happen Here

(or: How We Help You Drive Relevant Traffic and High-Quality Leads)

Your business and goals are different everyone else’s.

So we DON’T use the same approach for all businesses.

Instead, we discuss your specific goals and then map out a content strategy to help you achieve them.

Our process works like this:

Use the form below to tell us about your business and the goals you want to achieve through content marketing

Next, we’ll present you with a content strategy that we design specifically for your business and goals

Decide whether or not the strategy is a right fit for your business

We’re affordable but not cheap – because we get actual results.

Once we get your approval for the content marketing strategy we design for your business, we get started

You get an open communication line with us during the lifespan of the project

Periodic reports, too.

We’ll send you reports of results and milstones per month or quarter – depending on what we both agree on

Essentially, we run your entire content marketing program and key parts of SEO.

And You'll Be in Good Company...

Some of our past/current clients include:

``Your content is delivering great results for us! I can't give you exact data right now but it's currently ranking #1 for a competitive keyword and converting above the normal rate for posts across the site!

``It's doing so at a higher rate of traffic than most of our posts too!``

Adam Henshall

— Adam Henshall

Editor at Process Street

Hi! I’m Victor, the founder and content marketing lead at Premium Content Shop.

Brands like Marketo, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel’s blog, ConversionXL and many more have published (and still do) our content on their sites; you can rest assured your content projects are in good hands when they’re with us.

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