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You won’t only get content that drives qualified traffic and conversions, our strategic content marketing services also help you become (and retain) a thought leadership position that customers look up to in your industry.

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What’s in this for you?

Full content marketing management:

Most content marketing projects fail to drive qualified traffic and leads for two reasons:

      1. Inadequate time allocation for creating and managing high-quality content
      2. Poor content marketing – because the person managing content doesn’t know how to use it to get business results

These are two key reasons why marketers find it hard to get results they need from content.

They don’t have a clear-cut plan to get qualified traffic, leads, and conversions from the content they publish, or they don’t have enough time to research for it.

And by the time they realize it, several months of work would have gone down the drain.

Here, we’ll handle your results-driven content strategy, calendar, content creation, and distribution.

We’ll run your entire content marketing so you get to focus on other important tasks to grow your business — while resting assured that we’ll get you solid results (read further to find what this means).

Well-researched topics that attracts and holds customer attention:

Weak topics make potential customers pay no attention to your content. Period.

It’s what causes them to see your content and scroll past it, or view it and bounce almost as soon as they land on it.

You need visitors to spend upwards of two minutes on your content, giving you enough time to build trust in their minds and present them with relevant offers.

Look, we practise what we preach here; here’s a screenshot of how much time readers are spending on our blog – because of the level of content quality we produce:


We’ll do extensive background research about your industry before starting your content project.

Each content piece we create will be thorough enough to convince your readers of your expertise, which makes it easy for them to convert.

This way, we’ll consistently create content that genuinely connects with your customers, drives qualified traffic, and establish you as an industry thought leader.

Get subscribers or leads through guides & in-depth blog content:

“Content marketing is for education and traffic, not for lead generation.”

This idea is crap and untrue. Good content marketing goes beyond merely driving traffic. It drives subscribers and leads.

Before you know it, you’ll start getting questions like “What’s our content marketing ROI?” in strategy and budget meetings.

And managers or VPs start asking this ROI question, they’re expecting tangible results as your answer. By then, traffic wouldn’t be a strong enough reason for them to keep investing in your content.

This is where conversion optimization comes into play.

Beyond traffic and pageview numbers, your blog conversion and sign up rates (if it’s impressive) will convince them more that investing in content is worth it.

You can generate leads and/or email subscribers via blog content. For example, one of the CTAs on our latest blog content (as of the time of this writing) currently converts at 2.76%:

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And these are subscribers from top B2B companies (our target customers).

Fill out the form below; we’ll help you strategize and create customer-focused blog content that converts.

Unique, stand-out-from-the-crowd type of content:

One of the biggest problems in marketing today is the plague of same-ness.

Every content is looking like something that’s been regurgitated several times before. The problem here is when customers see content that looks similar to something they’ve seen before, they simply ignore it.

It’s a major reason why customers experience low pageviews with their content; customers are ignoring their content since it looks like something they’ve seen before.

You need content that is unique and useful so you can stand out in your space.

Here’s what unique content looks like, for example: we wrote an article for Process Street on workflow examples. 

The topic already had lots of content on it, but we found a gap (workflow examples for smart teams) that those posts weren’t covering and created content that now even ranks #1 for the keyword:

We’ll research your industry, select topics your customers pay attention to, and put all the content ideas we’ve researched in a content calendar. This way, we’ll set the roadmap for your content marketing for at least the next four months.

Improve content performance, get better ROI:

Sometimes, marketers wonder why they have so many blog posts that aren’t performing as well as they’d want.

They look at their search rankings/traffic and see their content is only ranking on Google for a significantly small number of all the keywords they’re targeting.

This usually happens because most of their content:

    • are poorly optimized for search, so it doesn’t rank
    • has become outdated and barely anyone is searching for it on Google
    • has bad user experience, which Google’s algorithm vehemently frowns at
    • doesn’t have backlinks from authoritative sites

We’ll run an audit on your site to find existing content that needs to go, stay, or be improved for better content performance.

Qualified traffic through a customized content distribution plan:

Content distribution has become a bottleneck for marketers.

They’d often create content and wait for months so Google can rank it.

We’re not saying that this SEO distribution strategy doesn’t work, it does. But it’s a long term content distribution strategy, meaning results take months to show up.

The truth is, there are short term content distribution strategies for quicker results.

For example, we used an influencer outreach strategy to amass over 9,000 views on LinkedIn within a week of publishing content:


We’ll use a mix of short term strategies (content partnerships and social media) and long term strategies (SEO) to distribute content. This way, we’re able to get both short and long term results from content.

And You'll Be in Good Company...

Some of our past/current clients include:

``Your content is delivering great results for us! It's currently ranking #1 for a competitive keyword on Google and converting above the normal rate for posts across our site!

``It's doing so at a higher rate of traffic than most of our posts too!``

Adam Henshall

— Adam Henshall

Editor at Process Street