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Hi, I’m Victor

… a content strategist for B2B and SaaS businesses + the founder of Premium Content Shop.

Two questions you probably have in mind right now:

Do we have the right experience to create content for your business?

Look, every content you get here spawns from comprehensive research about your industry and customers.

We don’t create content unless we’re certain, to a good degree, that it will attract the attention of your target customers.

How much does content marketing cost here?

Brace yourself. It’s not the cheapest here. It’s one of the most expensive ones. But you’ll be investing in quality content. Ready your wallet for at least $1,000 per content piece.

Businesses like yours hire us because:

      • They want to create content that captures the eyes and minds of their ideal buyers
      • There are only a handful of content marketers they can trust, so they carefully make their choice about who they’re working it
      • Content that drives relevant search and social media traffic is a priority for them
      • Becoming an industry leader buyers respect is their end goal


If you’re looking for a B2B or SaaS content agency that has a working content marketing process, let’s talk.

SaaS content marketing agency
``This is unreal! You have delivered an absolutely incredible job with this whole content project. Thank you for working through it collaboratively every step of the way, and for being so on point with your delivery.``
Iara Rios

— Iara Rios

Content Lead at

You'll get customer attention

Don’t worry about whether or not we have knowledge about your industry.

We know how to do deep research and discover the topics that get your customer’s utmost attention.

You'll get qualified traffic

You need content that drives not only traffic, but a traffic of potential customers. That’s qualified traffic.

Whether your customers are C-level execs or customer support reps, we do enough research about them to understand the topics and types of content that really gets their attention.

But while content creation is our forte, we’ll help you promote content too — if you don’t already have a distribution strategy in place.

You'll get content that converts

In the end, you need content that generates demand for your products or services and drives actual conversions. We’ll help you create content that drives leads and trials.

You won't waste money

Maybe you’ve hired content creators or marketing agencies in the past but now have nothing to show for it, you’ll get a different experience here.

Your content is delivering great results for us! It's currently ranking #1 for a competitive keyword on Google and converting above the normal rate for posts across our site! It's doing so at a higher rate of traffic than most of our posts too!
Adam Henshall

— Adam Henshall

Editor at Process Street

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