Thank You Page Examples: 9 Awesome Brands To Learn From

If you’ve been buying things online or submitting web forms lately, you’d have noticed that a thank you page can be more than just a show of gratitude.

It can be a huge opportunity to increase your ROIs.

Example: Redirecting new subscribers to a special thank you page helped CRO expert Talia Wolf, increase the quality of leads and direct sales for one of her clients by 52%. Emil Shour, Content Manager at SnackNation also recently shared that Thank You pages alone have earned him over 884 leads.

When users respond to your CTAs and become loyal fans, customers, etc. you can redirect them to a Thank You page to, of course, thank them, but more importantly––ask them to take another action that’ll impact your bottom line.

And in many cases, they do convert on Thank You pages.

The examples I just shared above are at least a proof of that.

Okay, that’s that for why thank you pages are important.

My headline promises to share 9 awesome thank you page examples you can copy.

Let’s get right into that, shall we?

Thank you page example #1: Ask for reviews

Reviews are powerful conversion boosters.

And you probably know this already.

But what you might find challenging with reviews is how to get them. Sometimes it takes several persuasion techniques to convince users to share their experiences with your product or company.

This is where your Thank You pages can come in really handy.

After visitors sign up for something on your site, you can redirect them to a Thank You page where you ask them to leave a review about the experience they just had with your company.

Example: I recently had a chat with SiteGround’s customer support using their site’s live chat feature. And the rep was super helpful and friendly.

After we finished talking, I was immediately asked to rate the quality of service I received from the person I just chatted with. It didn’t take more than clicking some stars on the screen so it was an easy ask.

I gave her 5 stars. Since her service was really superb.

Immediately, I was redirected to a Thank You page asking me to submit a review:


Although, I didn’t submit the review as I didn’t have the time.

But I was willing to.

And that’s totally normal; not all your users will responds to CTAs on your Thank You pages.

But you can be sure that some of them would.

And when they do, you get more reviews.

Thank you page example #2: Grow your social media following

Building a community on social media can help you gain more social traffic, brand awareness, etc.

And so, it’s important enough to use you thank you page for.

If a user likes what you put on your site to the extent that she subscribes, chances are high she’ll be happy to follow you on social media — if you ask her.

You can use thank you pages to ask new users to follow you on social.

A relevant example here is how Ian Cleary of Razor Social persuades his visitors to join his Facebook community after they subscribe to get more of his content.


Matthew Woodward does the same for his new subscribers, too.

His Thank You page asks new subscribers to follow him on Twitter.

#3: Promote your ebooks (and other resources) with thank you pages

If you’re able to write an ebook that’s really valuable, people will start using and talking about it.

Even more, ebooks are a great way to show your authority and let prospects have your content on their personal computer.

Long story short, they’re worth promoting on your thank you page.

A great example here is how Marketing Veteran Brian Carter shares his two free ebooks with new subscribers on a Thank You page:


Social media expert Mari Smith does something similar, too:


Thank you page example #4: Shamelessly sell your products

Sales are the lifeblood of your business, right?

So why not advertise your products on Thank You pages?

A great example here would be MarketingProfs.

Once you sign up for their email list, you’ll land on a thank you page that advertises one of their products.

(They even put a discount on it to entice people to buy; that’s another tip for you right there):


Another great example here is how Kim Garst uses her Thank You page to sell her one of her products.

There’s a video that automatically plays once you land on her thank you page.

In that video, she first appreciates you for your efforts…


…and then asks you to buy her product, after persuasively explaining its biggest benefits.


#5: Ask new contacts/subscribers to share your gated content with friends

Sharing is powerful.

It’s one of the things that make social media really effective for marketing.

When a user signs-up to download your ebook (or some other gated content), you can redirect them to a Thank You page that asks them to share the content they just signed up for.

This is what Ramit Sethi does with his thank you page at I Will Teach You To Be Rich when you sign up for his Free Insider’s Kits:


Remember, before people arrive on this thank you page, they’ve already been sold –since they gave you their emails in exchange for your content. So when they eventually get here, it’s not hard for them to do something as simple as clicking a tweet or retweet button.

Renowned Internet entrepreneur Noah Kagan does the same for his new subscribers.

In fact, in his case, the book on his Thank You page isn’t free.

It costs $9.99 on Amazon.

But if you want it for free, you’ll need to share it by simply clicking a simple a Twitter or FB button.


And, of course, you know what happens when this page shared; more and more people get to see the book.

#6: Get insights into what your prospects really need with thank you pages

You’ve heard this several times but it’s really worth mentioning again:

knowing your prospects or customers will help you know how to help them reach their goals.

A thank you page can do a great job in taking guess work out of the way and really help you understand what your ideal prospects really want from you.

This is pretty much what Digital Marketing Influencer Ed Leake uses his Thank You page for:


And this is what subscribers get in their inbox:


Neil Patel does something similar for users that sign-up for his webinar.

He uses a video to first congratulate and thank them for signing up…


…and then asks them to fill out a survey right below his video:

thank you pages

When you cease thank you opportunities like this to ask questions that are at the hearts of your prospects, chances are you’ll be getting a bunch of insights on how to ensure that everything you build or offer is tailor-made directly for the people you’re trying to sell to.

Thank you page example #7: Ask visitors to take your free trials

If you’re getting traffic and subscribers and they’re not checking out your offerings or free trials (if you have them), your marketing efforts are not really impacting your bottom line.

Hence, a smart way to put your Thank You pages to great use is to offer your free trials or demos as a next step for users who just signed up for something on your site.

A relevant example here is how WordStream does it for users that sign-up for their “Does Facebook Advertising Work?” ebook:

thank you pages

When users sign up for something that’s as crucial as a free trial on your site, it means they take your offerings seriously and they’re pretty much close to become paying customers.

Hence, using your Thank You pages to promote the trial or demo versions of your products can greatly impact your bottom line.

Thank you page example #8: Promote your recent blog posts

Promoting your recent blog posts can help retain your new subscribers, customers or contacts on your site longer than they even planned to.

This is exactly what Shama Hyder does with her Thank You page at MarketingZen

thank you pages

Glen Allsop does something similar at ViperChill, too:


#9: Promote your events with Thank You pages

Organizing events in your industry can drive a lot of returns for your business:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reputation
  • New customers
  • And so forth…

So it’s also pretty much important enough to promote on your Thank You Pages.

See how Social Media Examiner does it:


Make the most of your thank you pages

It’s not enough to use Thank You pages to show gratitude and care.

There are several profitable things you can use them for than just…


Utilize your thank you pages to get more results.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion Victor.

    It’s quite the accolade that I’m here at all, as my holding and thank you page are so very simple that it literally took an hour to put up (the whole site)!


    But also goes to show, perfection isn’t an option, just get it done. Refinement is for later. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for profiling Social Media Examiner Victor

  3. Hey Victor, great post that shows you optimizing something people often forget about can lead to big results.

    I just wanted to share our personal experience:

    We created a viral loop on one of our thank you pages (for a free email course) and it worked incredible well. Reaching over 100.000 people on facebook, with 3100 organic shares (no paid advertising used).

    It simply works like this: People sign up for the free email course and get forwarded to a email confirmation page. Once they go to their email and click on the confirmation link, they are forwarded to our confirmation page.

    There we thank them for confirming their email, and give them access to a free webinar recording and transcript if they share the free email course. Important: We use a screenshot of both the webinar and transcript PDF to make it more desirable.

    Once people click on the button “Share this on Facebook” a popup opens where they share a facebook post of our own facebook page that announces the free email course. (This is the facebook post that got over 100.000 reach and 3800 shares). Then they get forwarded to a second page that says “You are 50% on your way to receiving your free Bonus”. Here we ask them to share the free course additionally via email.

    We don’t track if people share or just click the sharing links, as it doesn’t really matter. (Just a small percentage will click on the link and not actually share). Once they have shared both via facebook and email, they get forwarded to the bonuses.

    If you are wondering about how to implement this easily, Bryan Harris has actually build a tool for this exact process:

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