You want to Dominate your Industry through Social Media...

That's a great plan, but how are you doing it?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have earned your customers’ time and attention.

So they spend hours every day on these platforms, scrolling through hundreds of posts, looking for content that will entertain or educate them.

If your brand is providing the content they’re looking for, you can start conversations that kick-off their buying journeys or even convert them immediately.

Do you want to engage and convert potential customers on social media platforms through exceptional content?

This plan has got you covered; it includes the following services:

In-depth customer research: your customers have needs and your social activities must revolve around meeting those needs.

We’ll run an in-depth analysis to find who your customers really are, platforms they hang around, and what they need from a business like yours.

Social media strategy: You tell us your desired goals, the action(s) you want customers to take after seeing your social media posts, and we map out a strategy to help you hit those goals.

Competitive analysis: You probably have competitors you admire or look up to.

We’ll identify your top competitors, analyze what they’re doing on social media to attract customer attention, and device a winning strategy to outperform them.

3 custom images per week (like the one below): These posts will be designed to address customer pain-points so they’ll pay attention to your brand.

The images will also be optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – depending on which platforms your customers hang around.

SEO content writing services

Captions that engage and stir up conversations for each post. Your captions will be written by specialist writers who know your audience like the back on their hands.

Full support (open communication lines throughout the project lifetime)

$2,950 per month

Hi! I’m Victor, the founder and content marketing lead at Premium Content Shop.

Brands like Marketo, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel’s blog, ConversionXL and many more have published (and still do) our content on their sites; you can rest assured your content projects are in good hands when they’re with us.

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