4 Reasons Your SaaS Content Marketing Isn’t Paying Off

Clearly, there’s real-life proof that it works for many other SaaS companies.

This means if content marketing isn’t driving traffic and customers for you, there are changes you need to make.

What changes? These four areas are a good place to start tweaking – as they’re usually why content doesn’t drive results for businesses:

#1. Grandeur

We live in a high Customer Experience (UX) world now.

67% of customers say they’ll pay more for a great experience.

Customers — whether B2B or B2C — crave enjoyable experiences and you need to create that for them with your content.

And now, they have more choices than they’ve ever had.

If they can’t find a satisfactory experience with your content, they’ll simply go somewhere else.

That means it takes more than “just creating content” to attract them.

And that also means your content pieces need to ooze grandeur (elegance).

So besides creating solid content and promoting it, add elegance to it — in the form of:

  • beautifully designed CTAs.
  • highly attractive and relevant images (or other visuals).
  • fast site speed.
  • other factors that can influence user or customer experience on your site.

This way, your content becomes not only useful but also entertaining to your audience.

#2. Ignoring Google and having no real content promotion strategy

The one reason many SaaS brands don’t drive good content ROI is Google.

Google has no reason to rank their content — so it simply doesn’t.

And when Google doesn’t rank your content, your long term traffic goals suffer.

So you need to create content that Google can rank.

And here’s how to do that:

  • Do in-depth customer research.
  • Identify keywords from that research.
  • Pick a focus keyword per post.
  • Mention your focus keyword in relevant areas of your post at least 10 times.
  • Use the keyword in your headline (H1).
  • Adding relevant images.
  • Build quality backlinks.

Once Google ranks your content, you start getting regular free traffic and conversions — provided you have a solid conversion optimization plan around your content pieces (and I’ll get to this in a jiffy).

Besides Google, many SaaS brands create content without a real content promotion plan.

It just won’t work.

You need thousands of people to see your content before it can make a real impact.

#3. No goal per content

Having a goal for each content piece makes getting results easier.

That goal could be to:

  • drive traffic — for brand awareness;
  • get subscribers; or
  • generate direct sign-ups

As a SaaS brand, your goal is usually one of those three.

And setting it before you get started on any content creation will bring you faster towards your goal.

It sets the stage for how you create content, who you create it for, when you create it, how you promote it, and where you promote it.

Having no goal per content is why many SaaS content marketing efforts don’t pay off.

You need to set goals before creating your content so you can reverse engineer ROI from there.

#4. No conversion optimization plan

As a SaaS business, you have no time to waste.

You just can’t create content without a solid conversion optimization plan.

Conversion optimization has gone beyond just simple opt-in forms around your content.

To drive significant conversions today, you have to:

  • get well-designed opt-in forms — even if it means hiring an engineer.
  • make the right offer.
  • make the offer at the right time.
  • make it super easy for readers, viewers or listeners to convert.

You probably got here after signing up from another content piece I created.

That’s a conversion optimization plan in action.

You need rapid and consistent conversions for your SaaS business.

Content marketing can help you achieve that, but you need a solid conversion optimization plan.

SaaS marketing + a high quality content strategy = scale.

It’s easy to assume SaaS brands that have grown in heaps and bounds had ingenious marketing strategies and churned out lots of content.

That may be true.

But what’s more important when it comes to content marketing is the type of content they’re churning out, their content promotion strategy, and their conversion optimization plan (if their goal is lead generation or to drive sign-ups.)

This is what makes the difference between content marketing’s best vs worst performers.

Here’s what to do next

You can go at all of this by yourself.

If you won’t waste your time and money, then that’s a great idea.

Or you can hire an expert — who lives and breathes content marketing.

That’s where I come in handy.

I lead a team of expert content creators (writers and visual content creators).


  • plan out a content strategy that’ll drive your target customers to you.
  • mix up specific content pieces — depending on what your target customers resonate with better.
  • promote your content so it reaches your customers.
  • create a conversion optimization strategy to drive ROI (leads and sign-ups) for your SaaS business.
  • give you periodic reports so you know how things are per time.

Feel free to drop me a line here and we can get started.